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Puppy Name: Courtney Connelly - Cava Chon
Breed Name: Cava Chon

I got Georgie (formerly Gucci) back at the end of September as my first puppy - he is the best friend I always wanted in a pup and mommy's heart and soul! From the first time I saw his picture I knew he was going to be an amazing and playful little guy and he's lived up to it and more! He was super healthy and well taken care of (the vet at his first visit said he's a "sturdy little guy") when I got him and has brought so much love and joy to everyone around him!!! He's doubled in size from a whopping 3.5lbs to 7lbs of pure mush! I can't quite commit to getting another puppy because I'm not ready to share him but when I do, I'll definitely be coming back to Crystal!!!! This is hands down the best decision I've ever made and can't wait to give him a little buddy one day <3

Submitted by Courtney Connelly from Largo, FL
Submitted on Thursday, February 16, 2017

Courtney Connelly