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Puppy Name: Charlie - Cava Chon
Breed Name: Cava Chon

I recently purchased a chavochon and he is the sweetest, warmest, gentlest, most playful puppy ever. I got him to surprise my children for Christmas and they were mesmerized by this adorable little pup. I would strongly recommend this company because they were very helpful, listening to what I wanted and suggesting the perfect puppy for my family. The puppy was well cared for and healthy when we received him. We purchased the Pup-pee-poo Palace crate and it helped to teach my puppy to use the pee pads within a week. He slept in the Pup-pee-poo Palace without crying after the first night! Thank you Sunshine State Pups for giving us an amazing new family member!!!

Submitted by Marsha Harrell from Miami, FL
Submitted on Friday, January 3, 2014