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Puppy Name: Zoe - Maltese
Breed Name: Maltese

After the heart-wrenching death of my beloved Adonis, my 12 year old Maltese, I was a complete emotional disaster. Two weeks of none stop crying and screaming, blaming myself and not understanding how this could have happened. It was then I made the decision to get a puppy, I needed to heal and I needed to heal fast! I found Coastalpups.com and scanned through the puppies, they were so cute, but I did not want another male dog, not after my Adonis died. So I found Zoe, the animals I have are all named after Olypian Gods, Athena, Aries, Adonis, and Lil goddess of the underworld. So my boyfriend and I could not agree on a proper name for her which resonated with our Godlike theme. I looked up the name Zoe, the name she was already given and realized in Greek it meant "LIFE" That was all I needed to hear and we decided to keep the name. That night my beloved Adonis came to me in a vision and said "Mom it was not your fault that I died, go get Zoey so I can reincarnate. So I did and she is our little princess. My boyfriend Doug calls her baby number 2 Since our Adonis was known as the Baby, Doug calls Zoe baby number 2 and I just call her funny face and the baby. Crystal was amazing during the entire process, she was very sweet and worked with me, she was patient and it was a total joy to meet her and to finally bring home my little Zoe. If you are in search of a puppy, THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE you should look. Again many thanks to Coastalpups.com, Zoe is very happy and so am I she is the very definition of the word "Emotional Support Dog."

Submitted by Elizabeth from Miami, FL
Submitted on Sunday, May 12, 2019