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Puppy Name: Theodore Bear Barksdale - Morkie
Breed Name: Morkie

My name is Teddy the Morkie. After leaving the coastal pups facility I am proud to announce I am happy and healthy ruling the roost in my new home. I have my people trained so well, but I am no dummy either I ring a bell to go potty. Me and my new owners play all the time and the one that works from home said I am the best co-worker ever. Between naps and erratic burst of lighting fast energy I manage to keep my days spontaneous and whimsical. I have lots of new toys, I get awesome snacks and on occasion home cooked meals. I bath weekly and get combed regularly, it's exhausting grooming myself. What more could a dog want? The only crazy thing is I was listed to be 6-8 lbs however I am already 12.9 lbs and still growing! It's not a problem though I overheard them saying its just more to love. Thanks for giving me a great start to be a well adjusted pup and have an awesome life. Barkfully yours, Theodore Bear Barksdale

Submitted by Kyle Wetmore from Naples, FL
Submitted on Thursday, November 15, 2018

Theodore Bear Barksdale