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Puppy Name: Alli - Havanese
Breed Name: Havanese

Absolutely phenomenal... I have never meet a more caring breeder. I don't even like referring to them as breeders, because really what they have set up is sweet little adoption nursery. The love and compassion they have for these pups is heartwarming. We got little Alli last week, upon picking her up I was shocked at how wonderful this couple is with their nurturing of the pups. Crystal may say she bombards you with information, but really it was priceless information and I felt completely confident in the little puppy's up bringing /health because of it. So if you are considering getting a pup, there is no other couple I would recommend above them. Thank you both, Alli is an absolute treasure to our family.

Submitted by Megan Balderson from Tampa, FL
Submitted on Wednesday, March 26, 2014