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Puppy Name: Midbit - Aberdeen Terrier
Breed Name: Aberdeen Terrier

This is the first time I have purchased a puppy from sunshine state pups and I am SO GLAD that I did so. After my other pom got killed and I felt so lonely because I have had a pom all of my life, one died at 18 and the other got killed at 6, both of them were black,. I really thought I'd never find another like the last one. My first one had four white tips on her paws and the last one had a little white under her neck. This one, which I love so much, has the four white tips on her paws and the while under her neck so I guess I got both my other babies back in one. She is so terrific. Thanks to everyone at Sunshine State pups and thanks to Crystal and Joe. Loyally Yours Russell PS. Midbit has a attitude all her own!!

Submitted by Russell Hetler from St. Petersburg, FL
Submitted on Thursday, November 28, 2013