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Puppy Name: Lucy - Maltese
Breed Name: Maltese

I really had to say that this was such a pleasant experience. We had visited several other breeders prior to coming to see our Lucy and it was night and day different! You were professional, knowledgeable and my whole family could tell that Crystal and her husband (Sorry I forgot his name) really cared about Lucy AKA Sarah. You both answered all of our questions and even gave us more information than we even expected. Just to let you know guys, Puppy Poo Palace is working GREAT! I'm so glad I came to you. I also am a firefighter and have recommended you to all of my co-workers and friends. BTW... I took this pic myself!!! I'm proud of it and had to share! Thank you both again. :-)

Submitted by Sam Trenton from Melbourne, FL
Submitted on Friday, March 21, 2014