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Puppy Name: Baxter - Teddy Bear
Breed Name: Teddy Bear

Hello World! My name is Baxter, my birthdate is February 21, 2014, and I met my second mommy on April 22, 2014. Crystal was my first mommy and she was so good to me and gave me a wonderful start in life. My first night in my Pup-Pee-Poo Palace at my new home was so easy that I slept through the night and asked to go outside at 5:30 the next morning. I am well on my way to giving and receiving lots of love in the days ahead. Crystal and Joe at SunshineStatePups are the best. From the moment they stepped out the front door of their home with me in their arms my new mommy to be knew I would be going home with her. She says thank you to Crystal and Joe for the love they gave me while I was with them. Some of my new family members will be meeting them real soon so that they can get a new baby like me from them.

Submitted by Janell Davis from Riverview, FL
Submitted on Monday, April 28, 2014