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Puppy Name: Mickey - Teddy Bear
Breed Name: Teddy Bear

Ten days ago, we adopted little Mickey, who is our second teddy bear dog. Our first one is 4.5 years old and we love him and this mix in general. We were quite cautious and nervous as we had encountered some issues with the first one and how the "breeder" had treated us. This experience has been nothing like the first one. Little Mickey is 100% in good health (we got thumbs up from the vet that Crystal provided a free well check visit with). We also had gotten a good reaction to our regular vet when we had introduced Mickey to him and his staff during a visit for the first dog. But honestly, we knew that he was, just based on his puppy behavior, his level of energy and everything else we were looking for in this puppy. He is delightful, loving, cuddly, hungry, sleeps well and so much more. Not only was this adoption handled in the most professional way, Crystal has been there 24/7, literally. We have texted her once or twice during the evening and received a response right away. We couldn't be more impressed with Florida Pups and with little Mickey. We have already referred Florida Pups to a few people who have fallen in love with Mickey as well. The puppy business doesn't have a good reputation, thanks to many unscrupulous folks. It can be quite scary, not to mention expensive. For anyone considering adopting a puppy, Florida Pups is not one of those places; in fact, they have managed to remove all this anxiety usually associated with such adoption.

Submitted by Johanne Shoffstall from Apollo Beach, Florida
Submitted on Friday, July 15, 2016